Month: May 2015

  • #WCSK Episode 1.9: Regeneration

    #WCSK Episode 1.9: Regeneration

    Introduction We are now near the end of What Christians Should Know Volume I. There will be one more lesson in this volume. I have written much so far about central principles of the Christian faith—ideas that, to some, may feel far away or removed from their personal experience. This lesson on regeneration by far […]

  • #WCSK Episode 1.8: The Church

    #WCSK Episode 1.8: The Church

    Introduction Here are some questions that many churchgoers do not often consider: what is the Biblical definition of the church, and what function does it serve? Why should anyone go to church, and what are you expected to do in a church? From prior lessons, it is now clear that the five core principles of […]