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  • The Power of the Promises

    The Power of the Promises

    In Mortification of Sin, John Owen famously wrote, “be killing sin or sin will be killing you.” Owen’s piercing language touched upon a spiritual reality: that biblical Christianity is a good fight and those who refuse to take up arms will be conquered. Hence, all true Christians will actively be striving to mortify sin, because […]

  • #WCSK Episode 2.9b: Sanctification (The Christian Walk)

    #WCSK Episode 2.9b: Sanctification (The Christian Walk)

    Picking up from last week … Sanctification is active not passive I mentioned previously that sanctification is cooperative, meaning that neither does God do all the work while we sit back and watch nor do we labor while The Lord supervises. The cooperative part of sanctification means that after God enables and empowers us to […]

  • #WCSK Episode 2.7a: Repentance

    #WCSK Episode 2.7a: Repentance

    Repentance refers to a spiritual turning away from sin. Repentance means much, much more than saying, “I’m sorry,” and to genuinely repent, you have to understand what the concept really means and have the motivation to change. Introduction In Mark 1:14–15, Jesus proclaims to all those who are present, “The time is fulfilled, and the […]

  • #WCSK Episode 1.4: Creation and Sin

    #WCSK Episode 1.4: Creation and Sin

    Introduction The doctrine of creation is important to understand, because it not only sets the tone for everything else to follow, but it also gives all believers profound insight into the Who, what, when, where, how, and why of our very existence. If you are starting a business, you begin with a primary aim that […]