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  • #WCSK Episode 2.10b: The Sabbath

    #WCSK Episode 2.10b: The Sabbath

    Picking up from last week… Sabbath as Resistance The Sabbath was instituted as a formal national command to Israel after God freed the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. While the Jews were in Egypt, they lived amidst a culture that was oppressive, had no regard for life, and was not concerned with communal wellbeing. The Egyptian…

  • #WCSK Episode 2.10a: The Sabbath

    #WCSK Episode 2.10a: The Sabbath

    How this Biblical principle applies to your everyday life:  Introduction If I were to piggyback and use the lesson on sanctification to sum up this lesson in two sentences, here it is: Sanctification refers to the pursuit of holiness in space. The Sabbath refers to the pursuit of holiness in time. Of course, one reason why Christians…